Mini Line Cube

A line of H-shaped blocks connected by an elastic string, Mini Line Cube is made to create more ways in toy playing. Simply rotate and bend H blocks, one can form a cube from this line in more than 40 different ways.

A puzzle cube beyond limitations

Mini Line Cube is not only a puzzle block toy, but also an innovative shape-changing smart toy. The hooks on both ends allow you to change it into a bracelet, a hairband, a keychain, and anything with your imagination. It is also the best choice for you to kill time at any place.

Same material as iPhone, small and portable like it doesn’t exist

Aluminum alloy is a light weighted metal used to make iPhone, and is also used to make all our block toys, which makes Mini Line Cube weighing 23 grams only. The whole manufacturing process is all done in Taiwan with strict quality control. The smooth touch and shiny appearance along with its unbreakable attribute, is the reason why it’s our best seller.

Cutting and Shaping; Drilling and Tapping; Deburring; Vibratory Finishing; Anodize Coloring


Through cutting and shaping precisely, creates modern shaped blocks. The drilling and tapping process makes perfect screw holes and threads. We use vibratory finishing to create round and smooth angles so you won’t have a chance to get hurt. The final part anodize coloring is also important for permanently coloring the block, so the colors never fades nor peels off.