Line Cube

Line Cube is a puzzle block toy. To play it, you need to take this line of blocks and try to form a cube from it. There are over 40 solutions to form a cube from this line, and you can create your own solution using your imagination. It can also be an artwork in many different forms as pictures shown below.

Line Cube – Endless Fun

Line Cube is not only a puzzle block toy, it can also be formed into any shapes you like. You can form a small pencil holder; phone holder; card holder; even to be a keyboard raiser. It is no longer a simple block toy but a multi-functional gadget as long as there is creativity.

Made from same material as iPhone

All products are made of aluminum alloy, which is same material as iPhone. Made in Taiwan makes it quality guarantee. With special technique, this block toy has perfectly smooth round edges with never-fading shiny colors. It is fun, playable, educational, brainstorming, and brain stimulating all in one.

Cutting and Shaping; Drilling and Tapping; Deburring; Vibratory Finishing; Anodize Coloring


Through cutting and shaping precisely, creates modern shaped blocks. The drilling and tapping process makes perfect screw holes and threads. We use vibratory finishing to create round and smooth angles so you won’t have a chance to get hurt. The final part anodize coloring is also important for permanently coloring the block, so the colors never fades nor peels off.